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Kebony: durable and easy-care

 FSC-certified softwoods become enhanced and get the characteristics of hard tropical wood. Perfect suitable for terraces.


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New: Edge unroll service

Suitable for decorative surfaces you can get the edges unrolled in full meters at our house. Just choose the decor of the appropriate item, determine the dimension and select the amount in meters.


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Resopal - SpaStyling

Jointless wall and floor panels for the holistic design of wet areas.


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Egger stock collection

More colours, new trends and structures combined with digital solutions: The new Egger collection Dekorativ 2020 - 2022 is here!


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Dear customers,

in order to make our service area more clear and comfortable we developed a new download area in the Jordanshop.

Here you can find all relevant documents sorted by product groups. Furthermore the search function allows you to find information quickly.


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Der Holzbote

Our new edition of the customer magazine for all our wood processing customers is here.


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Composite board configurator

At our board processing centre in Kassel we produce composite elements at one's own option in three steps. Use also our board cutting and edge unroll service.


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New: stair steps

New: stair steps

Die passende Treppenstufe zum 230er Designboden – mit Clickverbindung für die nahtlose Verlegung.

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The design floor collection for glue-down or click installation, made of PET and extremely dimensionally stable.

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HOMAPAL Schichtstoffplatten 8205 schw.z matt/Kreide MAGNET

2,440x 122,0x 1,0

64,85 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

Egger Schichtstoffplatten U763ST76 Perlgrau

2,800x 131,0x 0,8

20,67 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

Dekostoff Aero Diseno 216-417 140cm Kollektion Herbst 2016

100% PES

39,87 € / m
empf. Brutto VK

Egger Eurodekor Span E1E05 P2 H3734ST9 Dijon Nussbaum natur

2,800x 207,0x 8,0

16,92 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

FOCUS Sauberlauf Matten 90x150 cm Intro Sauberlauf 20

25.01 anthrazit

166,88 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

Ganzglastür LINES Fläche MATTIERT, Streifen KLAR

Drehtür SOND bis 210x100

359,70 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Gas-Kartusche für Impulsstiftnagler Paslode 8010056


45,96 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Glastür vollf.matt, LIGHT GREY'LG'

Drehtür 197,2 x 70,9 cm links

320,71 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Kleberspachtel 180 mm/ glatt 2011800


3,56 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

KOLLEKTION Wohnbau 22 #10939


7,31 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

Möbelstoff Forli 702-119 140 cm Kollektion Elegance 702

100% PES Trevira CS

76,52 € / m
empf. Brutto VK

Möbelstoff Perth 731-262 140cm Kollektion Selection 731-14

47% PES 43% PAN 10% BW

56,44 € / m
empf. Brutto VK

Edelf. Spanplatte Eiche Träger:16mm Spanpl.schwer entflam.Bs2,d0

3,050x 20,0x 17,0 roh

117,36 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

Edelf. Spanplatte P2 E1 CE Eiche Träger: 16 mm Spanplatte P2 E1 CE

3,050x 125,0x 17,0 weiß

85,29 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

Emporio Armani He Herren Duftset Weihnachtsaktion 2020


9,75 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

Historische Nürnberg-Truhe Lebkuchen Weihnachtsaktion 2020


9,75 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Santoku Damastmesser Weihnachtsaktion 2020


58,49 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

Lancome Tresor Damenduft Weihnachtsaktion 2020


9,75 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

MAPEI In-Ear-Kopfhörer Weihnachtsaktion 2020


9,75 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

MDF-Platten mit Grundierfolie analog E1

4,100x 207,0x 16,0

10,60 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

Steiff Teddy My dearly Bearly Weihnachtsaktion 2020


9,75 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

Dekostoff Bandolero 506-434 148cm Kollektion Concept II 506

100% PES FR

46,69 € / m
empf. Brutto VK

Dekostoff Lino 506-197 150cm Kollektion Concept II 506

100% PES FR =504817/517150078

38,02 € / m
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Deluxe CALGARY 535 LD / DS 3.5 mm Fertigparkett 3-S mit PRO-Con.-System 5G

E0101 Eiche ELEG. VM

100,31 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Schmelzkleberpatronen 18/300mm im Eimer a 5 kg 8010015


84,42 € / St
empf. Brutto VK

JOKA Trapezklinge 4010014 VE 10 Stück


3,31 € / VE
empf. Brutto VK

Möbelstoff Mugello 739-534 140cm Kollektion Easy Clean 739

(709208071) 51% BW 49% PES

56,44 € / m
empf. Brutto VK

MODEA CV-Boden 200cm CV Modea22

Dess. 610

20,42 € / m²
empf. Brutto VK

Tapete 17129 Romance 2020 10,05x0,53m


48,69 € / RO
empf. Brutto VK

Everything you need to lay a design floor

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